Top Trends in Designer Outdoor Kitchens and Entertaining Spaces

August 27, 2018


An increasing number of homeowners are extending their living and entertaining areas far beyond the confines of their home. The environment of the outdoor space is being transformed as homeowners create atmospheres that extend past the ordinary patio, outdoor area, deck or garden. The trend today is about full outdoor kitchens and well-appointed entertaining areas that...

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Multigenerational Living: How to Build a Home to Accommodate Families of All Ages

July 10, 2018

Building a home can be a very exciting time with a lot of things to consider. As society changes, there are also new ways many people are planning and constructing their homes. One recent, growing trend is multigenerational living. This is not only changing the dynamics of families, but the style and look of the house itself. Here's what you need to know about how...

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Interior Design - 7 Ways to Custom Design A Farmhouse Kitchen

June 21, 2016
The "farmhouse" look has become a favorite of many, especially as it has recently been made even more visible in current interior design/ remodeling shows. Farmhouse style first exclusively was the architecturals, the outside of the house, and originated simply by location. A home on a ranch or a farm, despite what it looked like, was called a farmhouse.
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