Spicing Up the Pantry

May 21, 2019

In the past, luxury estates had a full kitchen staff who utilized one or more large pantries to store fresh and canned foods as well as cooking equipment and serving items. After a time, pantries decreased in space as homeowners used kitchen cabinets more for storage. Currently, larger walk-in pantries with many purposes have come back into vogue as homeowners have...

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Custom Home Builder Tip of the Month: Figuring Out Square Footage

May 14, 2019

When planning your home, square footage is very important. A lot of people choose to build a home because they like the way the exterior of the plan looks or they are happy with certain elements of the design. But you also want to keep in mind how you will be using the home and what will work for you both in the present day and in the future. Depending on how long you plan...

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Specialty Ceilings & Ceiling Treatments

May 06, 2019

When designing a custom home, homeowners should pay attention to how the room will function and feel when they walk into it. Specialty ceilings can dramatically transform the look and apparent space of a room. When the the space from the floor to the ceiling is increased without moving walls, it will give the impression of the room being much larger. Incorporating details...

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