Custom Home Builder Tip of the Month: Figuring Out Square Footage

Kurk Homes Tip of the Month graphic MECH 4-25-19When planning your home, square footage is very important. A lot of people choose to build a home because they like the way the exterior of the plan looks or they are happy with certain elements of the design. But you also want to keep in mind how you will be using the home and what will work for you both in the present day and in the future. Depending on how long you plan to live in the house you're designing, it is beneficial to take a proactive approach setting your home up to accommodate your later years, as well as your current lifestyle.

Size Matters When it Comes to the Rooms in Your Home

Room size is a significant part of whether you can enjoy your house to the fullest. It's not just the main rooms you need to think about, either. The living room, bathrooms, and kitchen certainly matter. Bedrooms matter, as well, because they need to be big enough to handle the size of the bed you want to have and any other furniture you'll want in them. Additionally, you should consider whether you want to have a dining room or just a breakfast area with island seating. You may also be interested in a game room or other unique entertainment areas. Consider the furniture you currently have and plan to purchase for the new home; it is a great plan to measure specific furniture items and have them placed in the floor plan to review walkway space and sizing.

Often, What You Don't See Affects Your Life

Don't forget the closets and storage spaces when planning the size of your home and the spaces included in it. Too often, people forget about the level of storage they're going to need and want. They aren't concerned about the closet space, or they don't think about whether the pantry that comes with the typical plan will be big enough. By taking the time to carefully consider how much you have and how you'll be using the spaces in your home, you can easily determine whether you'll want bigger or smaller closets, rooms and other storage locations.

Unique Ways to Add Space, Style and Storage

There are many great ways to add more usable space and store all the things that matter most to you. You can also maximize the way your rooms are used, so you can appreciate everything about your new home. For example, adding small storage trunks in your bay windows is a favorite use of space for a lot of people. There are also ways to add additional cabinetry and gaps in that cabinetry (for instance, keep dog crates below a countertop with cabinetry above). If you have grandchildren who frequently visit, a loft space is an excellent way to give them some extra room.

If you have a media room, bilevel rooms for the media room flooring maximizes the seating area. It's easy and convenient to have people over and make sure everyone has a place to sit and can see clearly. Kids' rooms can be smaller, especially if you're an empty-nester or soon going to be.

Designing a Home for Now and the Future

Paying careful attention to how you'll use your home in the future can be important when you're creating a space to live in for the long-term. You won't always use the home the same way you do now, so make the most of what you plan to do with the home later, too. It is especially beneficial to incorporate universal design elements into the plan. It is less expensive to build the home with "forever" in mind, versus remodeling the home after several years. Things like higher countertops, additional lighting connections, and blocking (extra framing material) in showers for grab bars would cost significantly more to add later in the process.

One of the best ways to get a home that you're able to use efficiently and that you really love is to work with a designer who cares about her or his customers. Then you can get your questions answered and have the ideas and information you need to create a great home plan. At Kurk Homes, we are #BuiltOnTradition and we have been designing and building from the Gulf Coast to the Hill Country for nearly 30 years. We can help you design and create a home that you're going to be able to really use for the kind of life you want to live. Giving careful thought to your home now means that home will still work well for you in the future, as well.

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