What can I do if I am not happy with my house plans?

modern farmhouse custom .jpgYou've been thinking about building your dream home for a long time, and you've finally decided to take the plunge. You found someone to draw up the plans for your new custom home — but something's gone wrong. Perhaps there was a miscommunication between you and your architect or designer, or maybe they simply don't have the skill necessary to give you what you want.

Whatever the cause, what can you do if you end up not liking your house plan?

Take the time to do the appropriate due diligence when selecting your custom builder. If not, you may end up with a design team that simply doesn't have the experience or background necessary to create the house plan that you desire.

Often, however, the home plan design process goes awry due to a lack of understanding between client and builder or architect. For example, certain design elements of a home need particular structural elements in place - if your architect or designer didn't understand that you want to enjoy an outdoor living and entertaining space, he may have failed to include the necessary kitchen hook ups in the plan. Your designer or architect could also have misunderstood your family's priorities regarding your home, maybe he disregarded that you love to cook and designed you a small kitchen instead of a chef's paradise, or he missed that you wanted an adjoining playroom between your children's bedrooms. 

A good designer or builder will know the right questions to ask you rather than placing the burden on you to properly communicate what you're looking for in your home. Taking the time to understand your wants and expectations out of your home design is key to developing a final product which you will be happy with.

Let's Discuss Your Custom Home!

So what are your options when you have a failed home plan and a builder or architect that you no longer trust to work with? Do you have to start all over again? Not necessarily: you have the option of taking your house plans to a different builder to amend and make right. For example, at Kurk Homes, our team of in-house designers is happy to work with existing home plans that our clients bring to us. After listening to what your family needs and wants from your home — and understanding what went wrong with your existing house plan — we can revise and adapt your plans so they meet the vision for your dream home. If you do decide to scrap your existing home plans entirely, we can create a new plan from scratch, use a Southern Living plan, or modify one of our pre-designed plans to meet your family's wishes.

Kurk Homes has professionals on staff to help you design your home to ensure it is aesthetically beautiful but also functional to your needs. Contact us today to discuss designing your new home!

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