Design Trends: Kurk Homes Copper Ridge Model Home & Design Center

At Kurk Homes, we're passionate about creating homes that are not only beautiful but also perfectly suited to your lifestyle. We take pride in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to interior design trends, ensuring your space is as functional and cozy as it is stylish.

We recently completed our Copper Ridge Model Home & Design Center with elevated ceilings, large windows, and an open-concept kitchen living area. It features an array of stone elements in the bathrooms and around the fireplace, complemented by pine beams that add warmth and natural tones throughout the space. The large windows enhance the home, flooding the beautiful design with ample sunlight.

Let's explore some of today's most sought-after design elements and how we incorporated them into Copper Ridge:


1. Rich, Warm, and Creamy Comfort

Homeowners are increasingly seeking richer, warmer environments to feel cozier at home. This has led to a resurgence in softer, warmer feeling colors. While gray remains a popular choice, beige is making a strong comeback. To reflect this trend, along with choosing whites, greys, and cream paints for walls and cabinets, our design center is revamping its offerings with new tile samples that feature modern beige tones. These updated tiles often include hints of gray, providing a versatile and cohesive look that can coordinate with white, gray and cream walls and cabinets.



2. The Rise of the Cozy Nook

Kurk Homes’ design team understands the importance of creating intimate, cozy spaces. Our designers have focused on crafting smaller, tucked-in areas perfect for quiet visits and dining with fewer distractions. The Copper Ridge design exemplifies this trend with thoughtfully designed nooks that invite relaxation and intimate conversations, like the small breakfast nook complemented by large windows to let in the warmth of the sun.



3. The Messy Kitchen Gets a Makeover

Goodbye, cluttered countertops! Super pantries are becoming popular, allowing homeowners to store appliances out of sight and maintain a clutter-free kitchen. This concept keeps the main kitchen area tidy and organized. By designing spaces with minimal distractions, people can be more present and engaged in their daily activities. Our Copper Ridge kitchen comes with ample cabinetry and organization to enhance a clutter-free environment.



4. Flexible Dining to Suit Your Style

Today's homes require dining spaces that adapt to your needs. Dining spaces that cater to individual preferences and lifestyles are essential in modern home design. Kurk Homes designs both shared and dedicated dining rooms for informal and formal settings. These spaces in our design center home foster social interaction and family bonding over meals, providing ultimate flexibility for custom homeowners. 

Additionally, the covered patio space lends itself to meals and conversations to be enjoyed in the fresh air.



5. Designed for You: Intentional Living Spaces

Intentional spaces are a hallmark of Kurk Homes' designs. We create rooms tailored to specific needs and activities, such as craft rooms for creative projects, doggie showers for pet-centric living, game and media rooms, and cozy libraries. Our Copper Ridge Model Home features these thoughtful spaces, reflecting our commitment to accommodating diverse lifestyles and interests rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.



6. Two-Tone Cabinetry: A Timeless Trend

There is a growing trend in two-tone cabinets for both bathrooms and kitchens, and we love combining white cabinets with burled wood doors. Natural finishes are especially popular, often mixing black cabinets with natural wood door fronts in our designs. Our model in New Braunfels showcases all-black cabinetry with natural wood shelves, reflecting an edgier style. Additionally, we are excited to bring back Sherwin Williams' Accessible Beige as the backdrop for your treasures.



7. Spa-Like Luxury in the Bathroom

Luxury meets functionality in our bathroom designs. In touch with what’s on-trend, free-standing tubs provide a striking focal point in the bathroom. Many of our clients prefer vanities attached to the wall, complemented by toe-kick lighting under the cabinets for a modern touch. In primary bathrooms, we see a trend towards either opting out of a tub altogether or creating a spa-like experience by incorporating a free-standing tub within the shower area or bathroom.



8. Modern Kitchen Elegance

Our kitchens are designed for modern living, featuring sleek and stylish elements. The model home boasts softer backsplashes with beautiful Quartz countertops and statement islands. Brushed nickel and chrome fixtures are becoming more on trend, although black and gold are still popular choices. Dark cabinets and natural wood cabinets create a modern, clean, sophisticated look.



9. Modern Wall Treatments: A Touch of Texture

Wallpaper is making a comeback, and Kurk Homes incorporates easy-application, textured designs for added depth. Shiplap remains popular, but vertical board and batten are gaining traction for a unique touch and a variety of textures and materials are coming into play. We've also included ceiling treatments like beams and coffered designs, alongside paneled walls and wainscoting, creating a timeless aesthetic. The Copper Ridge model home has wood-stained beams in the living room and a wood ceiling treatment in the foyer. The fireplace is made of stone, and the luxurious master bath has tiles and stone elements.



10. Multi-Generational Living Made Easy

With the rise of multi-generational living, Kurk Homes prioritizes designing spaces that accommodate extended families. The Copper Ridge model home offers an additional bed and bath upstairs with another living room for added privacy. This flexible design offers another room for crafting, gaming, or hanging out with the family.



Expert Tip: Balancing Trends 

When creating your dream home, Kurk Homes recommends keeping core elements like cabinetry and flooring simple and versatile. This allows you to easily personalize your space with trendy accents, ensuring a timeless foundation that adapts to your evolving style.

The latest design trends are all about creating a comfortable, functional, and stylish space you can truly call home. The Copper Ridge Model Home & Design Center is a great place to visit for inspiration for your own custom home. 

If you are ready to build a custom home on your lot, contact Kurk Homes today.

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