Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors



The modern farmhouse style effortlessly combines a cozy warmth with clean lines and a contemporary, minimal design. Décor elements include a variety of natural textures, from the beautiful wood grains to hammered copper and galvanized steel. This distinctive and popular design concept extends beyond rural homesteads and can be found everywhere from traditional suburban homes and build-on-your-lot homes to urban townhomes and lofts. Any space can embrace this stunning look with the right choice of modern farmhouse paint colors.

Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors

The most popular modern farmhouse paint colors include classic white, beige (when done right, it's never boring), and a range of grey shades — from a smoky alabaster to storm cloud grey and gunmetal. These shades of grey are considered neutrals and pair beautifully with the woods and other natural elements favored with a modern farmhouse design plan.

True grey without any blue undertones looks stunning in kitchens with white cabinets, light-colored woods, and an accent color of navy blue. Navy blue is the perfect accent color for the trendier modern farmhouse color schemes.

Also in the grey family is "greige," a warm color that, depending on the lighting, can appear more grey or more beige. It's an incredibly versatile neutral paint color that plays nicely with a variety of natural wood colors, from flooring to trim, cabinets and built-ins. Choose it to give a foyer or hallway an updated look or use it for a guest bath and then accent with crisp white or even a dark wrought iron paint color.

The trick to picking the right grey for your modern farmhouse paint color is to be mindful of the undertones. Green, brown or taupe undertones work great, but red and blue undertones can result in a grey that looks purple depending on the light.

Beyond the Neutrals

While grey and white often rank supreme among the trending modern farmhouse paint colors, don't discount soft sage. This stunning shade of green is subtle, yet distinctive and always looks beautiful with natural woods, as well as painted surfaces of white, cream, eggshell and even black. A silvery sage is great for a kitchen, breakfast nook or dining room, while light sage with blue undertones may look stunning in a master bedroom. If a green with a yellow undertone is preferred, consider the 2017 Pantone color of the year: Greenery 15-0343.

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Paint Colors for Rooms with Little Natural Light

In general, rooms with minimal natural light look best with brighter/lighter color schemes. In a foyer without any windows or a low-light dining room, consider a lighter shade of greige or silver grey with white and/or wood accents that work together to keep the space bright and airy.

Before adding any of these fabulous paint colors to your home, always do a sample test. Paint two coats of the colors being considered on piece of white poster board and then take a look at it in the room under different lighting situations. This can help give a good idea how the color will look in different conditions.

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