Designer Must-Haves for Farmhouse Modern Decor

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to search for home design inspo without coming across the simple and sleek aesthetic of modern farmhouse styling. Harnessing country elements with a contemporary spin, this style of design has been extremely popularized for its timeless, yet current appeal. That’s why we reached out to the experts from Toronto to Sacramento to help homeowners achieve the farmhouse modern design they’ve always wanted. So sit back and enjoy these tips from the pros.

Farmhouse living room

Photo courtesy of House of Brazier Studio

Foster a functional, family-driven design

An aspect we love about the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic is how well it lends itself to functional, family-driven design. For example, I like to opt for a well-made wood bench in lieu of more formal Dining chairs, especially in an Eat-in Kitchen. Kids have the space to get their wiggles out and you have a great opportunity to bring in the textural elements of natural wood that's so sought after in a Modern Farmhouse. - Nash Design Group

Modern Farmhouse style, much like Hygge style, evokes feelings of warmth and comfort.  By incorporating specific elements into your home, you can achieve this mood.  Start with a neutral palette, place cozy furniture that will invite you to sit down, and accessorize with vintage pieces that have a lot of texture. For example; distressed woods, wicker and linen all accented with black iron. Layer warm lighting and incorporate a few plants to bring nature inside. If designed right, a person shouldn’t walk into a space and peg it as a “modern farmhouse”. It should have all the elements that define a modern farmhouse while creating a timeless look and feel. Ten years from now you don’t want to look at the space and think that it was designed in 2021. - Inspiri

Buck the status quo

The traditional farmhouse and modern architecture already have a lot in common - they are both designed for function and have clean, simple lines. Where modern can tend to be a little cold, a farmhouse feels more like home. Blending the two into Farmhouse Modern for us means taking the traditional American vernacular and applying modern lifestyles, materials, proportions, and construction methods - indoor/outdoor living, big windows, open floorplans, unusual textures, industrial lighting, sharp angles, stainless steel appliances. One of our favorite materials is raw steel - whether in the landscape, exposed structure or kitchen accents. We tend to buck the trend of the all-white and black kitchens and bathrooms when it comes to farmhouse modern. We much prefer vibrant colors and patterns that personalize the architecture to the family. - Davey McEathron Architecture

Plan it out

Simple, yet carefully planned choices like wall paint, textures, and tile patterns can really set certain spaces apart from the rest of the home. Incorporating natural materials within your home like cedar-wrapped beams and stone surrounds on fireplaces can add warmth while also bringing the outdoors inside. Touches of character throughout the home, such as specialty door handles and vintage cabinet hardware, can add personality to many different rooms. - Kurk Homes

Start at the heart of the home

A great way to bring a farmhouse feel into your home is to begin with the kitchen.  Start by bringing in a large hutch or cabinet for an old-fashioned "unfitted kitchen" appearance. Another easy starting point is textiles. Simple additions of fabrics in the form of braided rugs are vintage curtain valances are an easy way to cozy up a space leaving it modern and practical with farmhouse charm. - Parisienne Farmgirl

colorful kitchen

A central open-plan dining area with a large farm table is a prerequisite. The dining table should be of local hardwood and ideally constructed by a local furniture maker. An additional trend is the usage of wooden interior linings to walls and ceilings in common spaces and mudrooms, such as white oak or red oak boards.  This creates a warmer, inviting, more comfortable feel to the interiors, whilst highlighting the use of natural and organic materials, and respecting traditional wood paneling used in farmhouses. - Amalgam Studio

Choose a timeless palette

We suggest keeping your broad palette timeless by implementing trends that have stood the test of time. White cabinets, rich mid-tone woods, neutral organic textures bring that famous farmhouse charm. Then layer in modern elements through lighting, furniture and the Modern Farmhouse signature…black accents. - Fridley Custom Homes

Keep it light

Lighting is a key element of the modern farmhouse look - the homes that keep the fixtures clean and sleek for today’s modern style, while embracing a rustic and organic component are always best sellers. Finally, don’t be afraid to go oversized with your lighting fixtures for an incredible statement. - Montecito Properties

Contrast is key

The modern farmhouse vibe is all about contrast: rusty metal juxtaposed with satin finishes; nubby, textural details like jute rugs paired with soft, velvet upholstery. And most importantly, it’s something old like a vintage stool or oushak rug styled with something new like a sleek, sculptural tub. - Dessa Lea Productions

The key to achieving the modern farmhouse look is mixing the elements in a complementary way so neither steals the show. Shiplap is a great element because it feels equally modern and at home in a farmhouse. For finishes, you can never go wrong with white walls and black accents such as doorknobs, light fixtures and other hardware. The contrast really makes the decorative elements pop and provides a neutral backdrop that you can layer on and change the look of your furniture as time goes on. - Wit Interiors

It isn’t a farmhouse without the sink

The enduring look of the Elkay Fireclay Farmhouse Workstation Sink is at home in any décor from traditional to contemporary. The sink is molded from fireclay and baked at high temperatures for an extremely durable finish that’s scratch and stain resistant, along with an attractive, smooth glaze, making it easy to clean and a perfect addition to any farmhouse-style home. The Farmhouse Workstation sink can be installed with either a traditional flat front or with a decorative band across the top and features a thick material that naturally reduces sound for a quieter time at the sink. The Fireclay Workstation Sink Kits are the newest additions to the collection and include a cutting board, bottom grid, drain and cleaning kit, taking the stress off of homeowners by allowing Elkay to craft the perfect all-in-one sink kit. - Elkay

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Photo courtesy of Elkay

Vary your textures

To achieve that modern farmhouse look, we mix rich textures and high contrast color to create what we call rough luxe.  Think black and white palette with warm quarter-sawn wood tones accented with lots of beautiful plants and woven textures.  Textures can range from baskets, sisals, leather, sherpa, or hides.  Wood flooring should be a wide-width plank in light to a mid-tone natural matte finish, glossy is out.  Lighting can play an important role so consider using an oversized chandelier in a black or bronze finish against a crisp white beadboard and beam ceiling. - Waterlily Interiors

One of my favorite must-haves in a Modern Farmhouse is wall and ceiling texture. Whether a high board and batten wainscot, a full-height grid panel, or horizontal or vertical shiplap, a little bit of detail goes a long way to add character and define a space. Shiplap is always a win on the ceilings as well, and I love mixing them together with ceiling beams. - House of Brazier Studio

Consider timber framing

At OakBridge Timber Framing, we specialize in designing and creating modern farmhouses. Timeless and sustainable timber framing via mortise and tenon allows for a versatile, open floor plan, pairing perfectly with a modern aesthetic. The bones of the house are its best features, the very structure is art in and of itself. We’ve found that modern means many different things to many different people – whether your style is a more spacious version of a traditional farmhouse, or a marriage of old and new, the ‘must-have’ is how your dream home manifests itself to you. There’s nothing better than bringing those ‘must have’ dreams to life. - OakBridge Timber Framing


Bring new life to vintage finds

Consider giving new life to a vintage piece. Our vintage chest of drawers is hand-made from teakwood and has been refinished to achieve the perfect farmhouse look. Using a vintage piece is eco-friendly and since these pieces are carved from teak wood, they are sure to last forever. Hand-made furniture ensures that each piece is unique and makes your home one-of-a-kind. - AOI Home

Tie it together with a rug

While a traditional farmhouse aesthetic leans more towards neutral colors, farmhouse modern invites bright, bold spots of color to update the traditional look. A great way to create that pop of color is with a great rug! After choosing a carpet, pick up on its colors with accent pieces, allowing the eye to connect the rug to nearby objects for a sense of continuity and coherence. Though farmhouse modern often incorporates an open, clean look with lots of light or white surfaces, a rug with rich color and texture adds that essential warmth and depth which makes your home farmhouse cozy. The right carpet is the basis for defining a space as being distinct from its surroundings and is the best way of pulling the whole room together. Strategically incorporating a modern rug within a rustic decor creates interest and complexity, allowing traditional heirlooms to have an unexpected visual conversation with modern design! - NOA Living


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