7 Ways to Add Texture & Character With Interior Masonry

This month's spotlight is on Interior Masonry. Here are 7 Beautiful Ideas to add texture and character to your custom home using rugged, typically outdoor materials such as brick and stone!


Brick Backsplash Kitchen

 #1 - Kitchen Backsplash 

This brick wall surrounding the stainless steel appliance hood and cabinets creates a bold statement, and ties into the gorgeous stained wood of the cabinetry, doors, and trim. 



Stone Kicker Kitchen Island


#2 - Stone "Kicker" 

If you can picture four kids sitting on stools next to this bar top island, you will understand why we refer to these stone surrounds as "kickers." Much more kid friendly than sheetrock, a stone island surround adds texture and interest to an otherwise ordinary construction detail. 



Brick trim wall


# 3 - Brick Trim on Niche Walls

The options are limitless with niches. Some families display artwork, sculpture pieces, or even a built-in bench could fit in this niche. Detailing the edges with brick adds distinct structure without taking away what is showcased inside of the niche.



Masonry stone on fireplace



#4 - Fireplaces 

Masonry fireplaces as focal points of the room provide more than just warmth! The rugged facade of stone, whether a veneer stone or fully dimensional, can really draw the eye in to the structure. Brick or stone fireplace surrounds in a your custom floor plan create an inviting space, encouraging the family to sit for pictures on the hearth!

Stone Arch in Kitchen


#5 - Arch above Cooktop

Tying your kitchen to outdoor living is easily done by adding a brick or stone cooktop arch during the design phase.  Coordinating granite and neutral tile backsplash allow this stone veneer to really "pop!"




Stone walls in Man Cave

#6 - Full Masonry Walls 

The quintessential "man cave" above was designed as a Billiard Room, complete with stained glass windows and themed lighting fixtures. The brick walls on all four sides of the room complete the rugged look, and can certainly add some sound-proofing as well!


Brick Tile in ShowerMasonry Brick Flooring

#7 - Masonry Flooring

Not just for coordinating with the backsplash in a bathroom as a veneer, full bricks or flagstone can be laid in entry ways and lanais for additional texture and interest. Rough surfaces are tougher to clean, but less slippery-when-wet as smooth tile would be. 

What do you think? How would you add interior masonry for a design aspect in your dream home on your land?




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