Spotlight on Cabinetry Design - Favorite Styles


The character of the kitchen is displayed through the cabinetry design. With a wide selection of panel styles plus combinations of colors and textures, the custom home owner has free rein to complement their home style! 
Below are our Kurk homeowners' favorite styles of cabinetry, including door panel design, overall color schemes, selection of wood, or the cabinetry layout itself:

Shaker Doors

Frequently seen in contemporary homes, the simple, clean aspect of shaker doors complement many home styles, including farmhouse and craftsman. The focal point of the kitchen becomes the backsplash or granite, instead of the cabinet doors themselves. Perhaps most often viewed as white cabinetry, shaker doors come in a variety of stain and paint colors. Typical wood species include poplar and maple. 
Shaker Cabinet Doors
Shaker Cabinet Doors

Ornate Doors and Cabinetry

The warm yet elegant feel of a French Country kitchen is accented by the cathedral arched panels and decorative crown and trim surrounding the cabinetry. The detailed scrollwork and corbels throughout the set of cabinetry details this particular home style - most often seen in soft hues of cream, beige, soft green and natural wood to mimic a provincial feel. For a cleaner look, homeowners typically select maple or poplar wood species, but oak and alder woods have given a more rustic charm to the doors as well.
Embellished CabinetsEmbellishment on Hood Vent

Raised Panel - Traditional and Rustic

Slightly more decorative than the shaker style, the traditional raised panel door style shifts the focus of the kitchen on to other elements, such as the stone arch and backsplash as the first picture below. Two-tone cabinetry is a frequent occurrence, as well as a plethora of paint and stain selections. The raised panel doors for traditional styles are most often maple or poplar wood, while rustic styles showcase alder or oak for more texture. 
Raised Panel Cabinets



Rustic Panel Cabinets

Bead Board

For a farmhouse or cottage style of kitchen, bead board door panels add a lovely element of design and texture. Bead board is great as an accent piece as well; it can be used as an island end panel (or "kicker") as well as a backsplash piece. Commonly painted white in maple wood, beadboard can be painted or stained in any color.
Bead Board Kitchen CabinetsBead Board Kitchen Island


Glass Cabinetry

Frequently used in kitchens to highlight specialty china or glassware, glass cabinet panels create a visually larger space. Butler pantry cabinets and top cabinets are commonly inlaid with glass panels. The interior of the cabinet can be bead board or a solid panel, painted or stained to match the exterior. Glass panels are typically bordered in maple, oak, or alder wood.

Glass Cabinetry

Cabinetry Toppers

The addition of cabinetry above the upper cabinets to normal cabinetry extends the eye all the way to the ceiling, enlarging the kitchen itself. Over a sink or a refrigerator, these are referred to as "bridge cabinets" - and can match the style of the cabinet, or consist of glass with or without lighting. Plus you get the added benefit of not needing to clean on top of your cabinetry! 
Cabinetry Toppers

Cabinetry Toppers above cabinets

Choosing your own adventure, one selection at a time! What would you choose when building on your lot?

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