Southern Living Builder of the Year


Kurk Homes, a premier homebuilder rooted in Texas, has been awarded as the 2024 Southern Living® Custom Builder of the Year. This prestigious award not only honors our exceptional craftsmanship but also highlights our unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of custom home construction.


A Legacy of Craftsmanship

3 generations and over 35 years this year, Kurk Homes has gained unmatched experience in crafting extraordinary residences across Texas. From the picturesque landscapes of the Texas Hill Country to the dynamic urban landscape of Houston, Kurk Homes has left an impactful mark, presenting communities with homes that blend seamlessly into their surroundings while maintaining our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

A Pillar of the Southern Living® Custom Builder Program

Our longstanding membership in Southern Living® Magazine's renowned Custom Builder Program serves as proof to our commitment to excellence. This exclusive network, consisting of nearly 100 builders nationwide, recognizes builders for their outstanding reputation, superior design and construction, integrity, and community presence. Kurk Homes being named the 2024 Southern Living® Custom Builder of the Year shows how committed they are to their values, making them a top leader in the custom home industry.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

At the heart of Kurk Homes' success lies our unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovative design. Each project is approached with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of clients' unique visions, resulting in homes that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our honored recognition by Southern Living® stands as evidence of our ability to consistently deliver exceptional homes that stand that provide luxury, comfort, and sophistication.

Building on Your Lot

Kurk Homes stands out for our ability to build on your lot. We proudly offer clients the freedom and flexibility to construct their dream homes precisely as they envision them. This way we are able to allow homeowners to remain rooted in the communities they love, whether it’s in the nature of the Texas Hill Country or the vibrant city of Houston. By building on clients' lots, we have become an integral part of these communities and contributing to their growth.

Commitment to Quality and Warranty

 At Kurk Homes, we believe in making every project special with top-notch quality. From the very beginning stages of planning to the finishing touches during construction, we're all about excellence. We proudly show our commitment to crafting top-quality homes by offering a 20-year structural warranty. This warranty is more than a piece of paper; it's our way of confidently saying we stand by our work. Our clients can trust in the strength and reliability of their home for future generations, providing a peace of mind and confidence in your investment. We're experts at ensuring your home is built to last, so you can relax and enjoy it for a lifetime.

Expert Team and Attention to Detail

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our remarkable team whose passion and expertise have contributed to our success, enriching the lives of our homeowners with each meticulously crafted dream home. Their dedication to excellence and attention to detail are at the heart of everything we do. From architects and designers to builders and project managers, every member of the Kurk Homes team is committed to bringing clients' visions to life with precision and care. Their collective expertise and unwavering dedication ensure that each project is executed seamlessly and reflects the unique preferences and personalities of their clients.

For those seeking to build their dream home, Kurk Homes invites you to experience firsthand why we are recognized as industry leaders. Contact us today to talk to a team member and discover the craftsmanship and quality that defines Kurk Homes.